Perfect Process Synchronization and Precise Work Instructions

Challenges faced planning the production for Cast Resin Transformers

Process Synchronization of high-voltage coil and low-voltage coil

Just in time delivery taking into account:

  • Electronical calculation and mechanical construction with fixed lead and buffer times of five working days
  • Production of high-voltage coil (HV)
  • Wire winding on several proper winding machines
  • Fitter and operator of winding machines
  • Number of cooling channels determine the winding time
  • Molding and casting with casting chamber as the main resource and respective mold according to coil diameter and coil length
  • Limited availability of hardening furnaces
  • Production of low-voltage coil (LV)
  • Winding depending on the material (aluminum or copper) at a suitable winding machines
  • Timely provision of cores, HV, LV for the assembly process with the appropriate buffer time

The graphical display of the item structure illustrates the process flow and the merging of high-voltage coil (HV) and low-voltage coil (LV).

The item structure in tabular form showing the routing (green) and BOM (red). The management of master data in a table facilitates the user to modify information.
Here, the shift models are maintained.
What days are working in what work shift: In the calendar, the calendar entries are performed for resources with the appropriate work shift.
The customer requirements are imported as orders from the ERP. The number of cooling channels is determined per order. Once the planning is carried out by Asprova, the end time is calculated.
The blue connection lines show the process flow of an order. The number of cooling channels is color-coded (eg. yellow = 4 cooling channels).

Here, the display color of an order is visualized (“S026” green).
The order ”S026” is highlighted. The merging processes (HV and LV) is illustrated. The operator can visualize and interactively edit the necessary information.
The operation lot size on the winding machine is always 1. Prior to the first lot, a setup has to be performed. The utilization of employees is visualized.
In the Order Gantt Chart value-adding and non-value-adding activities, setup processes, lead times and delivery dates are displayed per order.
In the Order Gantt Chart, individual processes of order can be opened and displayes.
Important information for production management: the utilization of each resource group is visualized (grouping of resources is individual and indefinite).
The utilization of each resource is also shown and is hourly to monthly granulated.
The technical calculation, production of HV and production of UV, assembly and inspection are synchronized with each other. Accurate and meaningful work instructions for each resource are created and adapted dynamically and optimally with changes or rescheduling.
The result of the production is reported. Asprova dynamically calculates the new plan based on production feedback.

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