Perfect Process Synchronization and Precise Work Instructions

Challenges faced in the process of plastic injection molding and blow molding

Automatic inventory replenishment of precursors and fulfillment of customer requirements of final products

  • In the process of injection molding (inj), a preform (preform) is made. The preform is automatically replenished in time according to customer requirements and minimum of inventory
  • To prepare the preform, the suitable injection molding machine, the mold and the employees are also planned
  • Process ‘Blow’ takes preform from inventory or triggers the process ‘Injection’ if necessary. The cycle time varies depending on the item and different injection molding machine
  • In the process of blow molding the final product is made. On the blow molding machine, the preform is formed into a blow mold. Various final products can be made from the same preform.


The graphical display of the item structure illustrates the process flow from raw materials (Y-granulated) and injection molding (Pre-5) with alternative injection molding machines and alternative molds up to the blow molding (Final 07).

The item structure in tabular form showing the routing (green) and BOM (red). The management of master data in a table facilitates the user to modify information.
The customer orders are imported as a ‘registered order’ from the ERP. Then Asprova creates automatic replenishment for semi-finished products depending on the setting of lot sizes. The ‘Replenishment orders’ and the last three columns are already the planning results.
The connection lines show the process flow. Below the orders the operations on the main and associated sub-resources are visualized. If the scheduler moves the mouse over an operation / order, more useful information appears.
Operations on resources of injection department are displayed in the Resource Gantt Chart.
In the Resource Gantt chart several functions are available that allow the planner to work interactively. Here for example, the process is visualized with the inventory graph of the raw material and the preform.
In this general overview, the pegging of processes is visible.
Color highlights are possible. Here the bar color is visualized in the selected color of the raw material.
If the user clicks on a purchase order, then all operations that consume this amount of raw material are pegged.
The type of automatic replenishment or the minimum inventory (can be set for each period) is set according to each item. An excerpt from the evaluation results is displayed in the grayed-out fields.
The progression of the inventory for each item is displayed. The red line represents the minimum level of inventory and the green line the target inventory.
Here the quantity produced per item in a week is visualized. More information can be displayed directly on the graph.
In this graph, the shipping amount per day appears. It is easy to understand even for non-users. For validation processes between departments, this can be of considerable advantage.
For production management and the plausibility check the quantity of production per shift is visualized (in thousands).
The processes of injection molding and blow molding are synchronized with each other. Accurate and reliable work instructions for each resource are created and adapted dynamically and optimally with changes or rescheduling. If you do not want the data to change every time you reschedule, it is possible to set a “frozen zone” for a given horizon.
The result of the production is reported. Asprova dynamically calculates the new plan based on production feedback.

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