Increased Efficiency by Setup Optimization and Accurate Resource Management

The challenges of production planning in the plastic injection molding manufacturing:

  • Timely provision of injection molds
  • Just in time delivery in consideration of the capacities of:
    - Injection molding machines
    - Moldes
    - Setup team
    - Machine operator
    - Maintenance dates for machines and molds
  • Timely replenishing the inventory (never below MIN) 
  • Generating optimal work orders for individual resources

Special Features

  • A setup team takes over the external setup of injection molds.
  • Time constraint MIN - the external setup of injection molds has to be completed at least 4 hours before use.
  • Time constraint MAX (Option) – The provision can not begin earlier than 2 days before use.
  • The injection mold is locked from the starting time of the external setup to the completion of the respective production process and can not be used for other orders in the meantime. (Resource Lock = Option)

Practical Examples

Integrated Master Editor Table: The Integrated Master Editor Table maintains work plans, BOM and detailed process properties for each resource (people, machines, tools, materials).
- Time constraint MIN - the external setpup of the injection molds hast to be completed 4 hours (4H) prior to use
- Time constraint MAX (Option) – The provision cannot begin earlier than 2 days (2D) prior to use.
- Option: Resource lock activated
Shift Table: In the Shift Table individual working hours for different processes and work processes / groups are stored and labeled with a unique name (shift code).
Calendar Table: The Calendar Table references the shift and resource tables. It allows targeted allocation of working hours and shift patterns to certain resources.
Order Table: In addition to the "traditional" order data the Order Table contains extended property fields. In this example, sales orders from the ERP system are transferred to Asprova. Production orders for the "(inventory) replenishment" are generated automatically by Asprova.
Resource Table: The Resource Table is referenced by the Integrated Master Editor Table.
In the Resource Table resource-specific properties are stored, such as the creation of resource groups, suspend times in production and setup MIN / MAX, resource lot sizes, dependencies on previous or subsequent resources, display color and position in the Gantt-Charts.

Special features:
- resource lock time "PE" (Option), "P" = Parent (next process), "E" = End (end of next process)
- the tool catagories (injection molds) "SG-Form nnnn" each may have two tools "SG-Form nnnn-1/-2"
Asprova calculates the optimal resource for each tool
Scheduling results: The Resource Gantt Chart visualizes the scheduling result and gives a quick overview e.g. on delayed orders, bottleneck resources, process flow, waiting time between operations.
Per drag-and-drop individual processes can be moved, fixed, unfixed or released - always taking into account the prescribed planning parameters and rules.
Setup optimization and resource lock (shaded areas)
The example shows SG-Form 3422-2 for "replenishment order inventory MIN" and subsequently "replenishment order" (production order) for the remaining, required quantity. It will serve for two sales orders.
Load Graph: Asprova optimizes and levels the workload of all resources according to configurable rules. Asprova's high calculation speed allows a gradual optimization by configuring different planning scenarios. For example, you can simulate various labor and machine time models in a few minutes, and select individually.
The Inventory Graph visualizes the inventory development. Asprova takes into account in the plan preparation (amongst others) existing inventory quantities, MIN / MAX stocks, lot sizes, lot size calculation periods and scheduled material arrivals. The display can be configured individually, combined and filtered.
Asprova monitors minimum inventories (red line)
Optimization of replenishment orders
Work Instruction: Asprova generates work instructions for all operations, resources and processes and makes them available for exporting to other systems.
Result data be configured individually.
The Operation Table provides detailed (configurable) information for that level.
Item Table: Parameter for "automatic replenishment" and determining the lot size.
Plan/Evaluation Table The evaluation table for scheduling results provides detailed (configurable) information for each scheduling run. The values shown give a quick comparison of different planning scenarios, optimization measures or working time models.
Table of Supply/Demand/Inventory: Summary of demands on the product level

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