Perfect Process Synchronization and Precise Work Instructions

Challenges faced planning the production for Power Transformers

Process Synchronization of high-voltage coil, medium-voltage and under-voltage coil

Just in time delivery taking into account:

  • Synchronized production of coils (LV, MV, HV)
  • Winding coils on multiple matching winding machines possible. The selection of the optimal resource occurs dynamically for resource-specific rules
  • Limited capacity of staff in the fields of winding, processing winding, furnace setup and teardown, pre-assembly of coils, processing active items, test field and other work
  • Employee productivity can be adjusted individually and affects the processing time
  • The number of required employees differs depending on the product and level of difficulty
  • Limitations in curing furnaces – only the same coils are allowed to be processed in the curing furnace and must be cured simultaneously
  • Timely construction of cores
  • Different floats as transition periods
  • The lot size is always 1
  • Due to high capital commitment costs and high space requirements, the operations are scheduled with minimal lay times 


The graphical display of the item structure illustrates the process flow and the merging of high-voltage coil (HV), medium-voltage coil (MV) and under-voltage coil (UV) as well as the core composition.

The item structure in tabular form showing the routing (green) and BOM (red). The management of master data in a table facilitates the user to modify information. For example, the previous process number can be set automatically.
Here, the shift models are maintained.
What days are working in what work shift: In the calendar, the calendar entries are performed for resources with the appropriate work shift.
The customer requirements are imported as orders from the ERP. Once Asprova carried out the scheduling, start and end time of all operations and orders is calculated.
In the Order Gantt Chart value-adding and non-value-adding activities, setup processes, lead times and delivery dates are displayed per order.
In the Order Gantt Chart, individual processes of an order can be opened and displayed. The blue connection lines show the process flow of an order
In the Resource Gantt Chart the availability and load of main and sub resources is visualized.
The coils of different voltages are respectively assigned to the appropriate resources in dynamic way. For example, when a winding machine has a high load, an operation is assigned to another machine with more capacity. Manual interventions are possible at any time, when the individual logic should not provide the desired scheduling result.
Intuitive functions in tables and graphs facilitate the work of operators.
Important information for production management: the utilization of each resource group is visualized. Bottlenecks can be identified well in advance.
The number of availably and necessary staff (here per week) is calculated by Asprova. Appropriate adjustments to the layer models can be simulated immediately.
The processes are synchronized with each other. Accurate and meaningful work instructions for each resource are created and adapted dynamically and optimally with changes or rescheduling. In order to prevent changes in the data, a “frozen zone” for a defined period is set.
The result of the production is reported. Asprova dynamically calculates the new plan based on production feedback.
The progress and status of orders are visualized in the Order Gantt Chart. Thus, a tracking of orders is possible near real-time. Appropriate adjustments can be made immediately.

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