Increasing Productivity through Precise Control of Resources

Challenges faced planning the production for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products:

  • Shortening of lead times and reduction of inventories 
  • Reducing stocks of finished products
  • Automatic creation of production orders for optimum storage (never below MIN)
  • Improving Transparency
  • Optimizing the timing of the processes
  • Optimizing use of resources and increasing productivity
  • Creating optimized sequence planning for individual resources (in terms of process synchronization)
  • Creating optimal work orders for individual resources


  • Manufacturing cosmetic and pharmaceutical products (cosmetics A, B and C)
  • Focus of planning:
  • - Weighing: A scale for weighing several different materials
  • - Dosing: Two mixing units (Mix1, Mix2) for dispensing cosmetics
  • - Filling: A bottling plant for filling the metered Cosmetics
  • - Checking: Planning of full and part-time workers and assistants 
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Practical Examples

Integrated Master Editor Table: The integrated Master Editor Table manages work plans, BOM and detailed process characteristics for each resource (human, machine, tool, material).
A graphical display of the item structures in the Integrated Master Editor Table (can be interactively edited).
Shift Table: In the Shift Table individual work times are deposited and provided with a unique name (shift code).
Calendar Table: The Calendar Table references the shift and resource table.
It allows a targeted allocation of working hours and shift patterns to certain resources.
Order Table: In this example it contains basic order information.
Resource Table: The Resource Table is referenced by the Integrated Master Editor Table.
In the Resource Table resource-specific properties are stored, such as the creation of resource groups, suspend times in production and setup MIN / MAX, resource lot sizes, dependencies on previous or subsequent resources, display color and position in the Gantt-Charts.
Special Feature:
- Limited production and setup suspend time
- Employee skills
Quick view of employee skills.
Scheduling results: The Resource Gantt Chart visualizes the scheduling result and gives a quick overview e.g. on delayed orders, bottleneck resources, process flow, waiting time between operations.
Per drag-and-drop individual processes can be moved, fixed, unfixed or released - always taking into account the prescribed planning parameters and rules.
The example shows the automatic assignment of "Inspector (part time)" to "InspectorB (full time)", as well as a uniform utilization distribution on all resources.
The Order Gantt Chart shows the time course of the scheduled orders, both in general overview (intermediate products, inventory, replenishment and purchasing orders, outsourcing, etc.), as well as in specific detail of individual orders.
The Load Graph: Asprova optimizes and levels out the utilization of all resources according to configurable rules. The high computing speed of Asprova allows for successive optimization by configuring different planning scenarios. For example, you can simulate a wide variety of labor and machine time models in a few minutes and selecting any of them.
The Work Instructions: Asprova generates work instructions for each workplace, each resource and each process and provides them for export to other systems. The level of information content and detail are individually configurable.

The Operation Table contains detailed data for each individual operation and can be exported (like all tables).
The Item Table contains all item-specific information, such as
- Minimum inventory
- Production lot sizes
- Customize specifications (Spec1, Spec2 and many more.), which are considered according to customer expressions and can be taken into account when planning.
The Item Setup Table allows specification of setup times, depending on each case prior and subsequent items.
Requirements and inventory: Asprova gives a quick overview of supply, demand and inventory for every single item.

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