APS Fine Planning is Indispensable for Lean Production

Planning on the basis of foreseeable developments is outdated. Today, industrial production faces growing dynamic markets. Production has to respond to any change flexibly and immediately.

ERP systems
serve corporate governance, particularly from the perspective of controlling. It is a top-to-bottom solution with sequential logic for data management and is not suitable for detailed scheduling tasks

MES / PDA systems
collect and process the information at the operational level. But these systems are not suitable to control the planning of production processes and resources ahead. They create false production plans, causing delivery infidelity, long production lead times and high inventory.

Thus, the APS fine planning is indispensable for lean production:

combines and processes the information from the ERP and MES / PDA systems
coordinates and synchronizes the production process taking into account all production restrictions
• is specifically designed for lean manufacturing to provide a forward-looking and 100% accurate planning of production processes

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