Setup Times and Inventories decreased within 2 Months thanks to Asprova

Problems prior the introduction

  • Large amount of work for planners, due to manual processing of frequently changing orders.
  • Overstocked - to avoid bottlenecks and delayed deliveries
  • Uncoordinated production due to the frequent schedule changes
  • Excess inventory of raw materials - and handwritten material orders because of a lack of coordination between orders and production planning

Reasons for the introduction of Asprova

  • Asprovas large variety of standard functions
  • Asprovas high calculation speed

Benefits of introducing Asprova

  • Planning time shortened to a few hours
  • Improved accuracy of planning by reducing setup times, lead times and inventory levels
  • Automatic transfer of material orders to the main computer prevents insufficiency of stocks

Before the introduction of Asprova, production planners of F-Tech made the plans based off intuition and experience, and on demand values​​ calculated by the main computer. The preparation of the plans cost an enormous amount of work and because of often necessary manual changes, inevitable errors and consequently costly corrections had to be made on a daily basis. The lengthy planning led to excess inventories and discrepancies between production and material orders.

To cope with this situation, F-Tech introduced Asprova together with DISP, a production management module. The appliance of these systems not only reduced the workload of the planning managers, but also led to significant inventory reductions within two months.

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