Reduction of Planning- and Production Cycle Times with Asprova

Problems prior the introduction

  • Lengthy design phases due to long processing times of the mainframe computer
  • Inflexibility of the mainframe computer for short-term order changes, which led to complex calculations and / or corrections by hand
  • Additional workload for operators
  • One-month run cycles, which could not meet the customer's requirements

Reasons for introducing Asprova

  • Asprova's fast computational speed
  • Asprova's user-friendly interface
  • Asprova's variable master settings

Benefits from introducing Asprova

  • Reduction of the computation time to 3 hours
  • Reduction of processing cycle times to merely one week
  • Eased plan changes thanks to Asprova's short calculation times
  • Less correction effort, du to the newly developed peripheral support functions

Before the introduction of Asprova, a mainframe computer was used for the planning, however, the calculations took a lot of time and lots of unnecessary work was exerted to the planning managers and employees. In addition, plans presented on a monthly basis turned out to be unsuitable in meeting customer's needs - and the lead times needed to be shortened as well. To counteract all of these problems, the introduction of a scheduler was considered.

After a trial period, the department for research and development settled for Asprova, because of its various master settings, user friendly interface and possibilities of specification for different machines. The time taken from planning to work instructions was decreased to 3 hours.

The data transfer from the mainframe on a weekly basis instead of a monthly basis has also been implemented. Schedule changes can now be performed in shortest time, without being a burden to those responsible. Furthermore, customer satisfaction has increased, as the time delays from order up to prodcution has been minimized. The employees of Hitachi Metal keep extending the capabilities of Asprova independently, based on technologies such as COM interfaces, plug-ins and Microsoft Excel.

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