Electrical and Precision Engineering Manufacturer Improved Process Management by Introducing a Scheduler

Problems prior the introduction

  • Increased demand for various products in smaller batch sizes required reformation of the process management
  • Inaccurate plans based on estimates led to an uncoordinated and inefficient production
  • Unclear production status, long reaction times
  • Troubles with personnel changes in the planning department, as many years of subjective experience had become the basis of working

Reasons for introducing Asprova

  • Specializing Asprova for production planning
  • Possibility of completely revising the process management in manufacturing
  • Order quantities are taken into account for production planning
  • Clarity of production status allows for quick response to customer inquiries

Benefits of the introduction

  • In production planning, production capacity is taken into account with order acceptance, so that delivery times can be met without problems
  • Fast and accurate processing of order changes
  • Efficient and cost-conscious production
  • Clarity of personnel- and parts management, and always recognizable production status

Since its establishment, Iida & Co., Inc. attaches great importance to progressiveness in technology and equipment. With the introduction of intranet and IT systems, the manufacturing department was not initially included, however, hence the production process was run confusing and inefficiently. Production planning was inflexible and was based primarily on estimation and experience, hardly considering the actual order quantities.

Along with a redesign in production management, the company decided to adopt a production scheduler - and was convinced by the benefits and success stories of Asprova. The introduction of Asprova took place gradually. After a convincing success in the assembly line, all machining areas were designed with the help of Asprova. It is now possible to involve all factors in production planning when taking customer orders, obtaining reliable information on production status and parts requirements. Working conditions have improved significantly and delivery dates can be met without working overtime.

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