Hose Manufacturer Levels out Quantities and Reduces Inventories Significantly with Asprova

Problems prior the introduction

  • Sprawling paperwork because of complicated planning processes
  • Conflicting service instructions from different process managers - to production
  • Inventory accumulation in order to keep delivery times

Reasons for introducing Asprova

  • Asprova's high computational speed
  • Minimum adjustments required
  • Quality of results from Scheduling System Laboratory

Benefits from introducing Asprova

  • Asprovas quantity calculations enable fully digital and central planning on a daily basis
  • Inventory reduction through reliable planning of production and control
  • Today's priorities and precise quantity calculations make subsequent corrections by process managers unnecessary

The factory site of the Kihara Manufacturing Company in Ibaraki specializes in the production of pipes and tubings, such as truck exhaust pipes or hydraulic hoses for construction machinery. Production planning is carried out twice every morning, first for the products, then for the parts. The managers were quickly overwhelmed by the large number of customers and product variations. When hearing of Asprova, the were particularly impressed by it's ability of maintaining a consistently high level of planning speed, despite an overwhelming amount of data. Thanks to Asprova's flexibility, the process managers are now able to cope with high amounts of customers and products, while individual adjustments are kept to a minimum.


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