Synchronized Production and Significant Inventory Reduction

Problems prior the introduction

  • Individual planning for each stage of production
  • Excess stocks of finished and semi-finished parts in order to avoid waiting periods in the production course
  • Complexity in general - and no way of calculating the production time

Reasons for introducing Asprova

  • Planning considers priorities
  • Easy editing and changing the work orders in the Gantt chart
  • Simultaneous planning of multi-stage processes

Benefits from introducing Asprova

  • Coordination of processes of different manufacturing departments
  • Shortening the cycle time for an important product from 11 to 8 days
  • Designation of the production object and the required production time by Asprova
  • Reduction of circulation and excess inventories by 33%

The manufacturing process at automotive Mikuni basically proceeds in three phases: Casting, machining and assembly. While the assembly had already been controlled by a central planning system, the mechanical processing of castings had to be individually planned for by each department. This led to problems in coordination and excess stocks, as the assembly could not reliably count on receiving processed parts otherwise.

To solve these problems, the company introduced the planning software Asprova - initially only for one product line, though later for the entire production. With the help of Asprova, the various stages of production are now synchronized and centrally planned, thereby significantly reducing the amount of excess stocks.

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