Electronics Producer Shortens Planning Cycle and Improves Scheduling Process

Problems prior the introduction

  • Excessive planning durations - based off monthly production plans with
  • unnecessarily long set-up times and avoidable errors due to manual planning

Reasons for introducing Asprova

  • Asprova's user friendly interface
  • Asprova's many standard functions
  • Asprova's short calculation times

Benefits from introducing Asprova

  • Departments heads spend less time on planning to focus on key tasks
  • Elimination of problems such as excessively long set-up times and calculation errors
  • Allows for more frequent output of manufacturing plans and thus higher flexibility of the host computer for incoming changes
  • Simplified management of components

Before the introduction of Asprova, production plans were manually made based on sequence schedules. This took the host computer several weeks of time, with the result not even taking into account machine capacities. With the application of Asprova, the lengthy duration of plan development was reduced and cycle times of the processes affected could be reduced. The great benefits resulting from the implication of Asprova were quickly applied to the other 5 departments of the Nakatsugawa facilities.

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