Plastics Processor renews production scheduler, gaining high-speed planning and data centralization

Problems prior the introduction

  • Individually set up planning software in each of of the five production facilities
  • Long calculation times of the old software
  • Lengthy plan preparations

Reason for introducing Asprova

  • Fast calculation speed
  • User-friendly

Benefits of introducing Asprova

  • Quick and easy scheduling
  • straightforward processing of the production plan
  • Standardization and centralization of the scheduler simplifies administration and management of the software at all five locations
  • Easy exchange of data between departments

Over the business development of Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc., the production structure of the factories changed from an identical product range towards an individualized and specialized bandwidth. Furthermore, some branches of production are operated in conjunction with partner companies. The planning of the production had become extremely complex and overburdened the existing planning system. With this background, it was decided to introduce a production scheduler in the form of a package solution - in the field of tube production - and to use the same software at all relevant production sites.

Due to its supremely high computational speed, its ease of use and its good reputation, the choice fell on Asprova. The introduction of Asprova was surprisingly easy - all five plants were equipped with the software in less than 10 months. With this new system, work instructions are now created quickly and changes in the production plan no not require a large amount of work. On top of that, the operation of the software does not require lengthy training, and with the standardization, the administration of the scheduler had been centralized and simplified across all facilities.

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