Knitwear Producer Successfully Introduces Asprova in Japan and in China

Problems prior to the introduction

  • Long lead times of 40 days
  • Excess-Inventories of semi-finished and finished products
  • Single cost calculation was not possible because raw materials were not calculated in advance

Reasons for the introduction of Asprova

  • Asprova quickly react to changes in delivery deadlines
  • Positive experience with the introduction of Asprova in the Japanese manufacturing plant
  • Simple operation by standardizing planning processes

Benefits by the introduction

  • The system was ready for use within 2 months
  • Reduction of throughput time from 40 down to 21 days
  • Improved and clearer communication between planning department and the production department
  • Exact calculation of required raw materials allows single cost calculation and inventory reduction

In order to shorten the cycle time and to make production more effective, the Asprova scheduler was introduced in the Japanese work plant of Okamoto knitwear producer in the nineties. Learning about the many positive experiences, the plant manager of the manufacturing plant in China decided to introduce Asprova in his factory. He reached forward, pre-emptively eliminating any planning problems related to growth, by economizing the plants resources before it could come to bottlenecks.

With focus on the similar and comparable production lines, and with the aquired knowledge from the sister plant in Japan, Asprova was set up and ready for use within two months. As a result, he throughput time has been nearly halved from 40 to 21 days. Furthermore, the super clear Gantt charts led to more flexibility in planning processes, so that planning managers can now quickly respond to changes by accomodating orders and production volumes.

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