Printing Company Increases Work Efficiency and Delivery Reliability by Introducing a Production Scheduler

Problems prior to the introduction of Asprova

  • Complicated and costly production planning by manual input
  • Customer dissatisfaction and lost business due to long delivery times and inflexible planning
  • Failed attempts of Just-in-time production, resulting in missed delivery deadlines and other customer dissatisfaction

Reasons for the introduction of Asprova

  • Simple, manual implementation of changes
  • Simple programming of automated scheduling
  • Mainframe-compatible

Benefits by the introduction of Asprova

  • Reduction of the production planning process to one third of the time required previously
  • Delivery time is provided directly while customer inquiries are made
  • Improved planning and production strategies facilitate meeting delivery deadlines
  • Improved utilization of production facilities

Before the introduction of Asprova, planning managers of the printing company Seieido were daily overloaded with planning work. To remedy this situation, routine tasks were supposed to be automated and their concentration focused on decision making tasks.

This objective could only be achieved by means of a scheduling system, and in comparison with various other products, the head of the planning department was quickly convinced by Asprova. It complied with the most important requirements of simple and manual scheduling,while also taking on changes flexibly. Furthermore, it was possible to apply Asprova only to selected areas and continue to leave proven tasks to the factory internal mainframe.

The introduction of Asprova reduced the planning effort considerably, and planning managers can now focus on more central tasks. The problems of calculating delivery time and delivery time accuracy could be solved with the scheduling software, sognificantly increasing customer satisfaction.

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