Automotive Supplier Reduces Stocks and Unifies Process Plans

Problems prior the introduction

  • Inconsistencies in processes and overstocks, because people planned 
    individual processes based on data from the host computer
  • Heavy workload and overtimes to finish parts within the delivery times
  • Daily overtime for the planners, to create and adjust the schedules

Reasons for introducing Asprova

  • Asprovas easy installation
  • Asprovas variety of standard functions
  • Asprovas mass production compatibility

Benefits from introducing Asprova

  • Compliance of the various processes, which allow for smaller batch sizes and inventory reductions, which can be visually grasped and managed
  • Increased accuracy of master data and the schedule, thereby relieving employees
  • The schedule can be created by a single employee, without having to insert overtime
  • Uncomplicated increase of production

In the past, the Shonan Unitec Corporation created a document every week for each customer order, based on the standars cycle times. The processing times were calculated by the mainframe, without taking the engine load into account. Although each process was supervised and planned by scheduling specialists, they were not synchronized and were run uncoordinated.

Through Apsrova however, these processes can now be coordinated in their entirety. The production runs smoother and more efficiently, and the lot sizes of the production have been reduced. The inventory has also been reduced significantly. Furthermore, the burden of production and machines has been reduced, since the planning increased in accuracy and the work is now evenly distributed on the working days. The name Asprova has become the factory┬┤s to the epitome of production planning.

Some of our customers: