Some Renowned Asprova Users in Europe

Company Country Industry (Product)
Alcoa-Amorebieta Spain Metal processing (Aluminium flat rolled products)
Alutronic Kühlkörper GmbH & Co. KG Germany Machinery-/Metal processing (Heat Sink Components)
Amhil Europa Sp. z o.o. Poland Injection moulding and extrusion (PET lids, cups)
Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos, S.A. Spain Metal processing (Railway equipment: Track apparatus, turnouts, crossovers)
ANDREWEX Sp. z o.o. Poland Non-metal (Garden fences)
BAC VALVES, S.A Spain Metal processing (Valves)
BARNA STEEL, S.A. Spain Metal processing (Reinforced steel, structural steel, wires)
Bell PPHU Krzysztof Palyska Poland Process industries (Cosmetics)
Betsaide, S.A.L. Spain Metal processing (Metal parts)
Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) Polska Sp. z o.o. Poland Electro / Machinery (railway control)
Borimex Poland Machinery-/Plant engineering (Defence technology)
Cerámica Italia, S.A. Italien Non-metal (Ceramic tiles)
Cerámica Saloni, S.A. Spain Non-metal (Ceramic tiles)
Cerera foods, JSC (vorm. Palaseja JSC) Lithuania Food & Beverages (Cereals)
Cintas Adhesivas Ubis, S.A. Spain Non-metal (Tapes)
CLASS MANUFACTURING, S.A. Spain Metal processing (Fireplaces, cooling units, cash drawers)
Colorobbia España, S.A. Spain Frits, stains and other products for ceramics and glass industry
Conteg, spol. s r.o. Czech Republic Metal processing (server racks)
Convert Paper spó?ka z o.o. S.K.A. Poland Non-metal (Paper)
DENSO MANUFACTURING CZECH s.r.o. Czech Republic Automotive (air conditioners)
DYNAMOBEL, S.A. Spain Non-metal, Metal processing (Furniture, partition walls)
Ederfil S. Coop Spain Electro / Electronics (Cables)
Engranajes Y Bombas Ugo, S.A. Spain Metal processing (Components and spare parts for motor vehicles)
Envases Plásticos der Ter, S.A. (ENPLATER) Spain Pharma (Pharmaceutical ingredients)
Esteve Química, S.A. Spain Chemical, pharmaceutical (active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
Esteves Group Spain Metal processing (Wire dies, extrusion tools)
Fabryka Silnikow Elektrycznych BESEL S.A. Poland Electro / Machinery (Electric Motors)
FLEX 2000 -Produtos Flexíveis, S.A. Portugal Non-metal (Plates, sheets, tubes, plastic profiles)
FNMT - Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre Spain Printing, Other (Chip cards, coins, banknotes, security label)
Formaster S.A. Poland Injection moulding and extrusion (Water tanks, water filters)
Futaba Czech, s.r.o. Czech Republic Automotive (Metal body component)
Georg Jordan GmbH Germany Electro (Electric insulators and bushings)
Geralda JSC Lithuania Non-metal (Candles)
Gotec Polska sp. Z o.o. Poland Surface technology (Surface coating and finishing)
Grupo Antolin Libáň Czech Republic Automotive, Injection moulding and extrusion (Plastic parts)
Grupo Franz Viegener - FV Area Andina SA Spain Metalprocessing, Non-metal (sanitary products)
Grupo Tompla Sobre -Expres, S.L. Spain Non-metal (Envelopes)
GyD Ibérica, S.A. Spain Smart card solutions (Smart cards)
Halcor METAL WORKS S.A. Greece Metals (Copper tubes)
IMEFY-Industrias Mecano Eléctricas Fontecha Yébenes S.L. Spain Electrical / Electronics (Transformers)
Industrias Ochoa, S.L. Spain Machinery-/ Plant engineering, Metalprocessing (Tools and special machines for production )
Kemmer Hartmetallwerkzeuge GmbH Germany Metal processing (Curing tools and holders)
KROSS S.A. Poland Consumer goods (Bicycles)
KYB Manufacturing Czech s. r. o. Czech Republic Automotive, Metal processing (Shock absorbers)
Laboratorios del Dr. Esteve, S.A. Spain Pharma (Pharmaceutical ingredients)
Lazertechas Ltd. Lithuania Print (Printing services)
Lynka sp. z o.o. Poland Print (Shirts)
LYS Alimentación, S.A. Spain Electro / Electronics (Bread makers)
MAC Thermal & Process Industries, S.A. Spain Metal processing (Heat exchangers, air-cooled coolers, feedwater preheaters)
Magna Exteriors (Bohemia) s.r.o. Liberec Czech Republic Automotive, Injection moulding and extrusion (Plastic parts)
Magna Exteriors (Nymburk) s.r.o. Czech Republic Automotive, Injection moulding and extrusion (Plastic parts)
Magna - Plastimat Magyarország Kft. Hungary Plastic parts, automotive
Masterpress S.A. Poland Non-metal, Print (Labels and carton boxes)
Melchor Gabilondo, S.A. Spain Machinery, Metal processing (Lifting and handling equipment)
Mera Metal S.A. Poland Metal processing (Shelf racks, steel platforms)
Metaldyne Oslavany spol. s.r.o. Czech Republic Automotive (Forging)
Metec - Tarmetec Ltd. Estonia Automotive, Metalprocessing (Body parts made of metal)
Mirosta, UAB Lithuania Wood processing (log houses, furniture)
Naipes Heraclio Fournier, S.A. Spain Non-metal, Print (Playing cards)
Navacel, S.A. Spain Metal processing (Tubular structures)
Noratel Sp. z o.o. Poland Electrical / Electronics (Transfomators)
Ofita S.A. Mobiliario Metálico Spain Non-metal, Metal processing (Furniture, partition walls)
PANELFISA - PANEL FIJACIONES S.COOP Spain Automotive, Metal processing (Screw)
Petka Kalib Sanayi Turkey Machinery, Metals (PET blowing molds, mold parts)
Pfluger Koperty sp. z o.o. Poland Non-metal (Envelopes)
PROFARB Sp. Z o.o. Spain Machinery (Solutions for coating industry)
PROFIm Sp. z o.o. Poland Furniture (Chairs)
Puleva Biosearch, S.A. Spain Food & Beverages (Nutritional supplement)
Robert Bosch GmbH Germany Electronics (Semiconductor sensors)
RPK S. Coop. Spain Metal processing (Metal parts)
RPL - Ricoh UK Products Ltd United Kingdom Non-metal (toner cartridges)
S.C. Holzindustrie Schweighofer BACO S.R.L. Romania Non-metal (Blockboards)
SOPP Polska Sp. Z o.o. Poland Non-metal (Present ribbons, bows)
Stender AG Germany Non-metal (Gardening soil and substrates)
Strauss Caffe Poland Sp. z o.o. Poland Food & Beverages (Coffee)
Talleres Maugo, S.A. Spain Metal processing (Tools, metal stamping)
Teka Industrial, S.A. Spain Metal processing (Stainless steel sinks and stoves, ovens and hoods)
Thoni Alutec Sp. z o.o. Poland Metal processing (Aluminium castings)
UAB Mirosta - LHM Log House Masters Lithuania Non-metal (Log houses)
Venture Industries sp. z o.o. Poland Electro (Ventilating systems)
Viscofan CZ s.r.o. Czech Republic Food & Beverages (sausage casings)
Viscofan S.A. Spain Injection moulding and extrusion, Food (Artificial sausage casing)
Walther & Walther GmbH & Co. KG Germany Machinery-/ Metal processing (Quick couplings)
WEGU Gummi- und Kunststoffwerke GmbH & Co. KG Germany Automotive, Injection moulding (Plastic parts)
Zaklad Przetwórstwa Tworzyw Sztucznych WITOPLAST Poland Injection moulding and extrusion (Bottles and tubes for cosmetics)
ZASLAW TSS Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. Poland Automotive, Metal processing (Trailers and semitrailers)

Renowned Asprova Users Worldwide

Company Industry (Product)
KYB Automotive (bumpers)
Toyota Motor Automotive
Honda Motor Automotive
Nissan Motor Automotive
Mazda Motor Automotive
Mitsubishi Motors Automotive
Aishin Seiki Co., Ltd. Automotive (gearbox)
AIKOKU ALPHA Automotive (precision / cold forming, CVJ, automatic gearbox, spline shaft, pinion shaft for power steering, 5-axis machining)
AIKITEC Automotive (gearbox and motor parts, hot forging, cold forging, hobbing, carburizing, gear shaving)
Aichi Machine Industry Co., Ltd. Automotive (casting, motor, gearbox, engine and transmission parts production and assembly)
ATSUMITEC Automotive (body parts, transmission parts, engine parts)
INTER SEIKO CO., LTD. Automotive (motor mount, chassis parts, brake shoes)
URAWA Works Co.,Ltd. Automotive (steering parts, gear housing)
F.C.C. Co., Ltd. Automotive (clutch) Inc. Automotive (pedal modules, trailing arms, subframe, suspension system)
Enkei Corporation Automotive (rims)
Ohmura Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Automotive (injection nozzle, piston, engine parts)
Dairiki Tekkousho Automotive (gearbox housing, oil pump housing, inlet and suck manifold)
OKUBO GEAR Co.,LTD. Automotive (gearbox, planetary gears, cams, drive axles)
Kaseikogyo Co.,Ltd Automotive (rubber parts for the automotive and construction industries)
Calsonic Kansei Corporation Automotive (cockpit, air conditioning, exhaust system)
KYOWA Metal Work Co., Ltd. Automotive (synchonizer)
KOWA Automotive (motorbike parts)
Komatsuseiki Kosakusho. Co., Ltd. Automotive (electronically controlled injectors)
Magna Exteriors & Interiors (Bohemia) s.r.o. Libáň Automotive, Injection moulding and extrusion (Plastic parts)
Magna Exteriors & Interiors (Bohemia) s.r.o. Liberec Automotive, Injection moulding and extrusion (Plastic parts)
Magna Exteriors & Interiors (Nymburk) s.r.o. Automotive, Injection moulding and extrusion (Plastic parts)
SUMUCO Silikon Wafer
Covalent Silikon Wafer
IHI Marine United Inc. ship building
Techno Polymer Resin
NIXX Resin
Sumitomo Bakelite Chemistry (liquid epoxy resin for encapsulating semiconductors, coatings for semiconductor wafer, epoxy powder coating, thermoset molding compositions, phenolic resins)ASAHI KASEI Chemicals
ASAHI GLASS Co., Ltd. Chemistry (chemical products)
Ashigara Kosho Chemistry (cosmetics)
WinTech Polymer Ltd. Chemistry (PBT, PET)
SHISEIDO Chemistry (cosmetics)
Profarb Chemistry (paint)
Fujikura Kasei Chemistry (plastic coating, polymer particles, EMI / RFI shielding, construction coatings)
ISAMU Toryou Chemistry (car paint, industrial paint, construction coatings)
AS Paint Co., Ltd. Chemistry (car paint, industrial paint, construction coatings)
Okamoto Industries, Inc. Chemistry (condoms, heating plasters)
Kao Corporation Cosmetics Chemistry (chemical products)
Kaneka Corporation Chemistry (chemical products, PVC, functional foods)
GifuShellac Manufacturing.Co.,Ltd Chemistry (natural resin, artificial resin)
KUMI Kasei Co., Ltd. Chemistry (resin products, rubber products)
Gunei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Chemistry (phenolic resins, high performance fiber)
Kobazashi Kako Co., Ltd. Chemistry (pharmaceuticals)
DENKA Tape (insulating tape, functional foils, functional ceramics)
FUJIFILM Tape (funcional foils)
Kyowa Tape (adhesive plaster, surgical tape, packing tape, insulating tape)
Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd. Plastic parts
Amhil Europa Sp. z o.o. Injection moulding and extrusion (PET lids, cups)
Kyocera Corporation Plastic parts
Yazaki Plastic parts (automotive sector)
Sanko Gosei Ltd. Plastic parts
Futaba Corporation Plastic parts
Magna - Plastimat Magyarország Kft. Plastic parts, automotive
Nanbu Plastics Plastic parts
NIXX Plastic parts
KASAI KOGYO CO., LTD. Plastic parts (automotive sector, noise protection parts)
Kyokutou-Koubunshi Plastic parts (polyethylene, laminate, plastic parts, packaging)
Kzushu Sekisui Plastic parts (plastic extrusion, plastic injection)
KURASHUKI Kako Co., Ltd. Plastic parts (automotive sector)
Formaster S.A. Injection moulding and extrusion (Water tanks, water filters)
Fujikura Plastic parts (plastic parts, rubber parts)
Sumitomo Elektric Electrical cable (automotive sector, wiring, electrical cable)
Yazaki Electrical cable (automotive sector, wiring, electrical cable)
Hellermann Electrical cable (cable ties, cable protection)
Kawamura Electric Electrical cable
Oki Electric Cable Co.,Ltd. Electrical cable (Electric wire and cable, fiber optic cable, EDM wire)
Asahi Kasei Corporation Textile industry (textile materials)
Okamoto corporation Textile industry (socks, stockings)
Japan Wool Textile Co., Ltd. Textile industry (textile materials)
Nara Lace, Co. Ltd Textile industry (textile materials)
ASAHI KASEI Fibers Textile industry (fibers)
Teijin Techno Products Ltd. Textile industry (synthetic leather)
Strauss Caffe Poland Sp. z o.o. Food (coffee beans)
Campofrío A.S. Food (ham/bacon)
Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd. Food (flour)
HERO Espana Food (baby food)
Ajinomoto Food (spices)
Suntory Foods Food (beverages, Wiskey)
Calpis Beverage Corp. Food (beverages)
Suncafe Ltd. Food (coffee beans)
Itoham Foods Inc. Food (ham/bacon)
OLYMPUS Optical industry (cameras, microscopes, endoscopes, medical equipment)
KYOCERA KINSEKI Corporation Optical industry (artificial crystals, quartz crystals)
OKAMOTO GLASS Co., Ltd. Optical industry (thin film filters, crystallized glass, fly-eye integrator lenses, aspherical lenses)
Kurobane Nikon Ltd. Optical industry (objective lenses)
Dai Nippon printing Co., Ltd. Photomask (Photomask)
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Photomask (Photomask)
Gama Impresores Printing industry
Chiyoda Gravure Co., Ltd. Printing industry
Filtechnos Printing industry (packaging)
Iseto Corporation Printing industry
Seieido Printing Co., Ltd. Printing industry
IHI Corporation Aviation industry (aircraft engines, aviation)
AIHO CORPORATION Machinery (cooking equipment)
AOISEIKO Machinery (machine tool parts, robot parts, precision dosing pump, fans)
AMADA Co., Ltd. Machinery (laser machines, punching machines)
AMADA MACHINE TOOLS CO.,LTD Machinery (machine tools)
Asahi-Seiki Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Machinery (transfer presses, spring coiling machines)
Bombardier Transportation (ZWUS) Polska Sp. z o.o. Electro / Machinery (railway control)
URYU SEISAKU, LTD Machinery (pneumatic tools)
ENOMOTO KOGYO .CO.,LTD. Machinery (special purpose machines)
NTN Corporation Machinery (auto parts, machine parts)
EBARA Corporation Machinery (large industrial pumps, steam turbines, refrigeration units)
Sumitomo Metal finetech, Ltd. Maschinenbau (Nano wafer, cemiconductor manufacturing equipment)
KIHARA WORKS Co., Ltd. Machinery (food dryer)
Kawasaki Heavy Industry Ltd. Machinery (industrial facilities)
Kamacho Scale Co., Ltd. Machinery (truck scales, container scales, packaging systems)
CANON Inc. Machinery (LCD stepper, semiconductor lithography systems)
Kitagawa Iron Works Co., Ltd. Machinery (machine tool parts)
CORONA Machinery (gas burner)
Komatsu Ltd. Machinery (construction machinery)
Panasonic LCD Elektronics (LCD)
Aomori Fujikura Elektronics (optical connectors, fiber switches, DCF module, membrane keyboard)
CASIO Elektronics (digital cameras, watches, electronic music devices, mobile phones, semiconductor parts)
Akagi Electronics Co., Ltd. Elektronics (semiconductors)
ASTI Corporation Elektronics (Automotive electronics, circuit boards for mobile phones, controllers for industrial robots)
Amano Corporation Elektronics (ID / IC card, biometric terminals, parking control systems, dust removal systems)
ALPS Electric Co., Ltd. Elektronics (sensors, encoders, switches)
IRISO ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD Elektronics (plugs, wireless connections, LED connectors, fiber optic connectors)
Ushio Inc. Elektronics (LED, exposure units, UV bonding, semiconductors, test equipment)
NS Electronict Co., Ltd. Elektronics (PCB assembly, wire harness assembly, tank indicators)
OPTEX CO., LTD Elektronics (sensors, measuring devices, 3D range image cameras)
ONKYO Elektronics (Audio, PC)
OK Print Elektronics (PCB)
OPTOELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Elektronics (laser modules, laser scanner)
CASIO Elektronics (semiconductors, cameras, watches, electronic musical instruments)
Teramikros Inc. Elektronics (semiconductors)
Kawasaki Microelectronics, Inc. Elektronics (semiconductors)
CANON Inc. Elektronics (semiconductor components)
Canon Compornents, Inc. Elektronics (semiconductors, contact image sensors)
KINKEI System Corporation Elektronics (measuring devices)
Aichi tokei denki Co.,Ltd. Elektronics (ultrasound-gas/liquid flow meter, electromagnetic water meter, cicrostream sensors)
Kensei Co., Ltd. Elektronics (electronic scales, blood pressure monitors)
H.C. Starck Japan Material (Ceramic powders, nonferrous metal powder, rare metal powder)
Kurosaki Harima Material (fireproof material, ceramics)
CORNING Japan Material (special glass, ceramics)
Oji paper Co., Ltd Paper
Crecia Paper (paper products)
Panasonic Denko Electrics (lighting systems)
IZUMI Products Company Electrics (electrical tools)
PANELFISA - PANEL FIJACIONES S.COOP Metal processing (bolts)
Okawa Screw Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Metal processing (Beschläge, Stehbolzen)
AKAHARA Seisakusho Metal processing (sheet metal processing, laser processing)
CITIZEN SEIMITSU CO.,LTD. Metal processing (fine mechanics)
Kawanishisuidoukiki Co., Ltd Metal processing (fittings, forging)
KIKUCHI Gear Co., Ltd. Metal processing (gears)
KOK Metal processing (aluminum extrusion presses, 9500 ton extruder)
Kyushu Sumiden Seimitu Metal processing (carbide tools)
Keihin Hatsujou Metal processing (springs)
KOBE Seimitsu Metal processing (mechanical parts)
KOBE Steel Ltd. Steel
KOBE Steel Chofu Steel (aluminium, copper)
KOTOBUKI INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. Steel (steel, foundry)
INAX Home appliencies (bathrooms systems, toilet systems, tiles)
KANEKI Home appliencies (tiles)
N&E Co.,Ltd. Woodworking (chipboard)
Okamura Corporation Woodworking (office furniture)
BRINSA, S.A. Chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries, paint, cosmetics (Detergent)
Envases del Pacífico, S.A. Injection moulding and extrusion, Print (Plastic packaging)
FOGEL DE CENTROAMERICA, S.A. Electrical / Electronics (Cooling technology)
Intecplast LTDA Plastic injection molding and extrusion, metal machining (Injection molds, plastic products )
Simex, S.A. Machinery-/ Plant engineering, metalworking (filter systems)
Tekab Co. Ltd. Electro / Electronics (Cables)
Mirosta, UAB Wood processing (log houses, furniture)

Some of our customers: