Asprova SCP at a Metal Producer

The Asprova SCP (Supply Chain Planning) system has seen effective use in Asia for years. A large semi-conductor manufacturer uses Asprova SCP to schedule the entire value chain, including every supplier, factory, logistics center and customer across multiple continents. This year, Asprova SCP has finally arrived in Europe, too!

Boliden, with headquarters in Sweden, is an international metal manufacturing company. With the help of Asprova SCP, various factory outputs, transportation routes, logistics centers, distribution centers, and customers are going to be managed to a degree not thought possible to this day.

Furthermore, by using Asprova SCP to schedule and control the value chain and Asprova APS to schedule for individual factories, an unbeatable combination for maximizing and maintaining efficiency along the entire value chain is established.

Herewith, orders are scheduled in optimal sequence with regards to every single factor involved in production - worldwide. The goal is to maximize delivery reliability, optimize resource (and transportation resource) allocation, and minimize inventory stocks to a degree that phenominally outclasses the competition.