Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit 2020 London, England (26.10.-27.10.2020)

Asprova is part of the Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit

Transform your supply chain planning strategy

To successfully deliver on your business outcomes, it’s crucial to improve supply chain capabilities and evaluate current supply chain planning processes and strategies.

Be a part of the very first Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit, where you’ll gain access to our Gartner experts, the latest supply chain planning research and best practices that will help you transform and build a more robust and cost-effective supply chain planning strategy.

  • Expert advice
    Be the first to hear about emerging trends and the latest predictions. Leave with a solid action plan to elevate the visibility of supply chain planning to deliver value to the overall business.

  • Meaningful networking
    Interact with more than 200 of your supply chain planning peers to gain firsthand insight from those facing similar challenges to yours.

  • Real-world solutions
    Explore the latest technologies changing the supply chain planning landscape. Meet face to face with knowledgeable representatives who can help you craft a solution for your planning needs.