Go-Live at GEBHARDT Conveyor Techology

Gebhardt Conveyor-Technology Ltd. introduces Asprova APS to take over the pivotal task of production scheduling. Equipped with a customizable planning logic that allows for handling of vast and complex order networks, an esteemed and dreamt-of feature, Asprova is welcomed with open arms.

Gebhardt Conveyor Technology, with headquarters in Sinsheim, Germany, produces large conveyor systems with a wide variety of industrial applications since its inception in 1952. Today, as an industry 4.0 pioneer, Gebhardt supplies companies across the world with its integrated, in-house logistics systems.

Internal production at the main, 14,500 m2 facility has been improved by an incredible margin after a rather short implementation phase. The ratio of value-adding processes to transportation and waiting phases between processes has been optimized to a degree not previously thought possible. Production control even extends to outsourced processes.

Some of the more complex production processes include: laser cutting, edging, pre-assembly, final-assembly, and electrical commissioning. With the help of a rule-based system, customer orders and warehouse orders are scheduled with regards to individual customer specifications - and available resource capacities, which include machines, workers, and much more.

Furthermore, the integrated and highly customizable planning logic helps with synchronizing processes across the entire factory, with more than 100,000 components.