Scheduling Aluminum Foil Production

Production Setup Fine-Tuning through Optimal Order Sequencing

Aluminum foil production includes many processes, including either hot or cold-rolling the aluminum band to annealing, followed by a cooling and then numerous repetitions and other processes, including leveling, finishing, and quality testing. A major challenge when scheduling these processes is synchronizing make-to-order with batch production processes.

  • Holistic Process Synchronization
  • Minimized Lead Times and Inventory
  • Flawless Delivery Reliability


With Asprova APS

  • Shorter delivery times
  • Improved delivery reliability
  • Drastic reduction in lead times and WIP
  • Complete synchronization of all processes through optimal, sequential scheduling including restrictions
  • Improved resource efficiency through optimization
  • High transparency of factory and delivery status
  • Flexibility in case of order changes, rush orders, machine failure, etc.
  • Drastic reduction of planning effort