Scheduling PVC Sheet Production

Process Synchronization through Optimal, Sequential Scheduling

PVC sheet production involves a long and complex production process, throughout which numerous cooling phases are scattered. The biggest challenge lies in synchronizing make-to-order processes with batch production processes.

  • Holistic process synchronization
  • Minimized lead times and inventory stocks
  • Flawless delivery reliability
  • Reduced time and effort spent on planning

With Asprova APS

  • Deliver final goods sooner
  • Holistic process synchronization through optimal sequential scheduling
  • Drastically shortened production lead times through bottleneck-oriented planning
  • Massive reduction in intermediate parts
  • Increased resource efficiency
  • Improved transparency in factory and order status
  • Greater flexibility in case of order changes, rush orders, machine failure, etc.
  • 90% reduction in planning efforts