Latest Case Studies of users of the Asprova APS Software

Horst Scholz GmbH - Factory for precision plastic parts

Result of planning with Asprova, e.g.:

Calculation of the production of 60 tool shapes for 12 months in advance in 20 seconds, process synchronization, ...  more>

GEBHARDT Conveyor Technology

Result of the planning with Asprova, e.g.:

Doubling of turnover within 4 years after introduction through 100 % more output with the same production area as a result of reduced throughput times.  more>

Antolin Libáň (Automotive: Plastic Parts)

"The Asprova detailed planning tool helps us to analyse and optimise our production It contains a variety of evaluation functions and visualisation options.“   more>

Georg Jordan (Electrical industry)

Results of the planning with Asprova, e.g.:

  • Considerably increased delivery reliability
  • Inventory reduction of 40-50
  • Drastically reduced production lead time  more>

Strauss Café (Food industry)

"Asprova is our main tool for production and logistics management. With the help of Asprova, we maintain our delivery reliability at almost 100 % and are always able to react immediately in the event of disruptions".  more>

Kemmer (Carbide tools)

"We have reduced material stocks by 22 % within 12 months, and by as much as 50 % for active products. The planning effort has also been significantly reduced, leaving more time for other value-adding work".   more>

Geralda (Candle making)

Instead of three to four hours, the preparation of a production schedule now takes only around 20 minutes. more>

Asprova Fully automatic detailed planning with APS