Case Study at F-Tech Inc.

Initial Situation

  • The amount of planning work is overwhelming; planners are not able to handle the many and frequently requested order changes.
  • Many changes need to made to the production schedule on a constant basis, leading to uncoordinated production.
  • Inventory needs to be overstocked in order to handle deliveries and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Raw materials are also excessively kept. Lacking coordination from order reception to production planning necessitates hand-written material ordering.

Advantages of Asprova

  • A Wide Variety of Standard Functions
  • Extremely High Calculation Speed

Achievements with Asprova

  • Planning time and efforts are significantly reduced.
  • Highly accurate production schedules reduce setup times, lead times, inventory stock levels to the absolute minimum!
  • Automatic transfer of material order the mainframe to prevent insufficient inventory stock levels.

Production plans at F-Tech Inc. are based on experience and intuition for the processing of demand values, which are calculated by the mainframe computer. Plan preparation takes up vast amounts of resources and time every day due to errors and incorrect estimates that require constant manual readjusting. The inefficient and lengthy planning process results in excessive inventory stock levels and discrepancies between production orders and material orders.

Asprova is introduced together with DISP (a production management module) to manage the situation. Within two months, inventory stock levels are greatly reduced and work load on planning managers brought to manageable levels.

F-Tech Inc.

Founded: 1947

Employees: 980

Ever since its inception, F-Tech Inc. has been producing auto parts, including springs, axles, and floor parts - on which it owns numerous patents and rights.