Case Study at Kihara Manufacturing, Ltd.

Initial Situation

  • A manual, complicated planning method has paperwork sprawling and overburdens the planning department is many issues.
  • On top of that, work instructions from managers conflict with each other and production becomes confused.
  • As a result, inventory stocks need to be kept in order to meet delivery deadlines.

Advantages of Asprova

  • Super-High Calculation Speed
  • Results quality equal that of a scheduling system laboratory.
  • Production resources are entirely mapped by adjustment of standard parameters, with no need for additional programming.

Achievements with Asprova

  • Order quantities issued by Asprova enable for completely digitized and centralized planning on a daily basis.
  • Dependable production plans are the foundation for controlled inventory stock management.
  • Subsequent corrections are hardly necessary thanks to daily priorities and precise quantitiy calculations.

The factory site at Ibaraki is specialized for pipe production and tubing processes, especially in the area of exhaust systems for trucks and machines, as well as hydraulic tubes for construction machinery.

Production planning is done twice in the morning: Firstly for products, and then for parts. Due to high demand for various product variants there is a large amount of data to be handled, which can overwhelm managers.

Production plans can be created within very short amounts of time with Asprova, even under enormous data loads. It also offers maximum flexibility in planning, thanks to which process managers are able to handle large numbers of customer orders for many different products - while adjustments are kept to a minimum.