Case Study at Mitsubishi Plastics

Initial Situation

  • Each one of the five factories has its own planning environment.
  • The currently used planning software has extremely long calculation periods.
  • Overall plan preparation is a slow and tedious process.

Advantages of Asprova

  • Super-High Calculation Speed
  • User-Friendly

Achievements with Asprova

  • Easy and Fully Automated Planning Process
  • Standardized, centralized planning allows for effective management of all locations.
  • Excellent Data Exchange between Various Departments

During the course of its development, factory production structure changed from an identical production sortiment towards an individualized and specialized range. At the moment, some production branches operate in cooperation with partner companies.

Production planning turned out to become ever more complex and started overburdenening the existing planning system. The decision had to be made to employ a production scheduling system in the pipe production area, as well as all other area after that.

Thanks to its high calculation speed, a user-friendly interface, and the highest reputation in the country, Asprova is quickly selected for the task. And implementation has been swift, taking less than ten months across all five factories.

Asprova issues work instructions for all resource, based on which complete process synchronization is realized. Changes to the production plan create negligible additional work for the planning department. And the standardized and centralized planning process allows for effective management of all factories.

Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

Established: 1948

Mitsibishi Plastics, Inc., started with processing soft and solid PVC. Today, the compay produces a great range of plastic products from packaging materials over electronics accessories to building materials in eight manufacturing locations and supplies a variety of markets.