Case Study at SEIEIDO Printing Co., Ltd.

Initial Situation

  • The manual planning method consumes extensive amounts of time and resources.
  • Inflexibility in planning leads to long delivery times and lost businss due to customer disatisfaction.
  • Failed attempts of just-in-time production results in missed delivery deadlines and even more disatisfied customers.

Advantages of Asprova

  • Quick and Easy Manual Changes
  • Fully Automated Scheduling Process
  • Mainframe-Compatible

Achievements with Asprova

  • Time and effort of the planning process have been reduced to one third.
  • Delivery time is available at the moment customer inquiries are made.
  • Improved planning- and production strategy facilitate meeting delivery deadlines.
  • Improved usage of production resources

Planning managers at Seieido used to fight a mountain of scheduling work every day. To remedy the situation, routine tasks were to be automated and focus directed towards more important decision-making tasks.

This can only be achieved the help of a planning system. Fulfilling every requirement Seieido has for a planning system, Asprova convinces the head of the planning department. The final setup is supposed to consists of Asprova taking over specific areas while the mainframe continues in areas where it is proven to be effective.

Planning efforts are reduced significantly not long after implementing Asprova and the managers are able to focus on more important tasks. Delivery time calculations and delivery reliability are instantly provided by Asprova, which customers are highly appreciative of.

Seieido Printing Co., Ltd.

Seieido produces and sells packages and packaging labels with a work force of 140 people. As the leading company in this segment, a very high production standard has evolved, together with an extensive customer base.

In order to produce in an environmentally-friendly way, Seieido is the first company in Japan to switch to waterless printing.