Case Study at Shonan Unitec Corporation

Initial Situation

  • Production is planned manually by the mainframe computer, which causes inconsistencies throughout production processes that result in excess inventory stocks.
  • Excess work shifts need to be scheduled in order to keep delivery dates.
  • Plan creation and adjustment require hours of extra daily work.

Advantages of Asprova

  • The implementation process is swift and uncomplicated.
  • All production facilities are mapped through adjustment of standard parameters within Asprova, with little to no need of additional programming.
  • Asprova is perfectly suited to plan for mass production.

Achievements with Asprova

  • Total synchronization of machines, workers, etc. for production in smaller batch sizes and decreased inventory stocks.
  • Relief for workers thanks to more accurate master data and a much improved schedule.
  • The planning task requires just a single worker, which once used to be sever who needed to constantly work overtime.
  • Increased Production Output

The Shonan Unitec Corporation used to create a weekly planning document for every production process, based on customer orders and standard throughput times issued by the mainframe computer. The calculation for throughput times did not take machine load into account, however. Even with the planning experts' years of experience, there have been differences in opinion which lead to uncoordinated production process management.

With Asprova, processes are now managed as a whole. Production runs smoothly and efficiently in small-sized batches and there inventory stocks of all sorts have been greatly reduced. Accurate and realistic planning also helps distribute work evenly throughout working days. All of these and many more advantages have made the name 'Asprova' synonymous with production planning at Shonan Unitec Corporation.

Shonan Unitec Corporation

Established: 1992

Employees: 600

Turnover: € 98.7 Million in 1997

Shonan Unitec Co., Ltd produces pedals, pulleys, pressings, sound insulation products, products for assembly departments, and much more for the automotive industry.