Scheduling Car Bumper Manufacturing

Efficient use of resources and increased productivity

Auto makers have stringent demands of OEM manufacturers for on-time delivery and inventory requirements. Bumper modules must be delivered to the car manufacturer "just-in-sequence” and are usually produced to order. The processes for plastic injection and painting follow completely different rules, but must still be scheduled optimally, in tact with the just-in-sequence delivery date.

  • High level of process synchronization
  • Minimized lead times and inventory stock
  • Flawless delivery reliability
  • Reduced time and effort needed for planning


In bumper manufacturing, it is necessary to account for the combinations of different molds, tools and inserts, raw material, and even labor. It becomes exponentially hard to plan with a visibility of all these requirements, and the larger the backlog, the more challenging it becomes to consider all these constraints.

With Asprova APS

  • Minimized delivery times
  • Elimination of stagnation through just-in-sequence planning
  • Just-in-time resource availability
  • Process synchronization by scheduling with finite resource capacities
  • Improved resource efficiency through optimal, sequential scheduling
  • Increased transparency in factory and order status
  • Greater flexibility in the case of order changes, rush orders, machine failure, etc.
  • Dramatically reduced planning efforts