Scheduling Ham Production

Process Synchronization through Optimal, Sequential Scheduling

Realistic and feasible production plans in the making of ham considers meat yield per process, maximum waiting time between processes, parallel handling of multiple orders, varying lot size limitations, and availability of alternative resources (varying drum capacity).

  • Holistic process synchronization
  • Minimized lead times and inventory
  • Flawless delivery reliability
  • Reduced time and effort spent on planning


The requirements to optimally schedule meat processing are numerous: resource capacities and combinations need to be considered, as well as yield and by-products. Expiration time, or durability of the final good is also important—scheduling all these, together with worker availability, and changeover and cleaning times, presents a significant challenge.

With Asprova APS

  • Shorter delivery times
  • Holistic process synchronization through optimal, sequential scheduling
  • Drastically shortened production lead times through bottleneck-oriented planning
  • Massive reduction in intermediate parts
  • Increased resource efficiency
  • Improved transparency in factory and order status
  • Greater flexibility in case of order changes, rush orders, machine failure, etc.
  • Substantial reduction in planning efforts