Scheduling Production of Surface-Mount Devices

Optimal, Sequential Planning for Throughput Time Minimization

To plan processes with varying process cycle times in optimal sequence, specialized software is required. Asprova schedules processes in SMD assembly, manual assembly, testing, and final assembly automatically—achieving shortest possible throughput times and minimal intermediate parts and finished parts inventories.

  • Holistic process synchronization
  • Minimized lead times and inventory stocks
  • Flawless delivery reliability


SMD production lines can have very different cycle times depending on the product. Changeover times also need to be taken into account. Production facilities need to schedule manual placement, testing, and assembly. Grouping is desired, but it is difficult to manually consider grouping rules when the number of variables is high—order priorities, material shortages, and other constraints only further increase the complexity of planning. Finally, NPI needs to be easily incorporated into the schedule, and delays and lost production time should be minimized as a result.

With Asprova APS

  • Shorter delivery times
  • Holistic process synchronization through optimal, sequential scheduling
  • Drastically shortened production lead times through bottleneck-oriented planning
  • Massive reduction in intermediate parts
  • Increased resource efficiency due to optimized sequence scheduling
  • Increased transparency of factory processes and order status
  • Greater flexibility in reacting to order changes, rush orders, disruptions, etc.
  • Noticeable reduction in the time and effort needed for planning