Scheduling Woodworking

Reducing throughput time using optimal, sequential planning

From raw lumber, to furniture and fine woodworking, several challenges present themselves when trying to schedule production. Processes must be through multiple times, such as sanding and others. Min and max wait times need to be considered, and inventory buildup is a concern. Bottleneck-oriented planning is of vital importance; other production processes need to be aligned with its tact. In this manner, throughput time and semi-finished products can be reduced to the absolute minimum.

  • Fully comprehensive process synchronization
  • Minimized lead times and inventory stocks
  • Flawless delivery reliability
  • Reduced time and effort spent on planning


A woodworking shop needs to track material requirements and availability to schedule orders, and due dates need to be coordinated with the floor so that products go out the door when they are needed, reducing stocks of semi-finished goods.

Wait times are required between processes, and with manual planning, it is hard to schedule all orders together so that each buffer period is coordinated optimally. Asprova can schedule optimally according to these constraints, accounting for variable set times depending on material type and other factors.

Materials might have different requirements even when processed on the same resource. Asprova can consider all resource availability together with every constraint, so that the right order is scheduled on the right resource at the right time, improving the transparency and efficiency of your factory.

With Asprova APS

  • Shorter delivery times
  • Comprehensive process synchronization through optimal, sequential scheduling
  • Drastically shortened lead times through bottleneck-oriented planning
  • Massive reduction in intermediate parts
  • Increased resource efficiency
  • Improved transparency in factory and order status
  • Greater flexibility in case of order changes, rush orders, machine failure, etc.
  • 90% reduction of planning effort