Visual Management of your Production

Asprova has easy-to-use, effective visual management tools, giving you the power of an advanced control room. Diagrams and graphs are combinable and give the user a clear depiction of planning results, process synchronization levels, order status, inventory changes and forecasts, and resource utilization.

You can visualize the schedule and have a quick overview of order sequencing, resource allocation, and process flow to any desired level of detail. After the schedule is created, operations can be manually dragged and moved, fixed, blocked, or released. Planning parameters and resource constraints are always considered and highlighted even while making manual changes.

You can see orders out to any time scale and display their current status: delivery dates with their lateness, throughput times, value-added times, wait times, and many others. Complex order networks are clearly displayed. Orders can be sorted and filtered according to user-specified attributes. For example, orders from selected customers—or orders where the delivery date is at risk—can be quickly filtered or moved to custom views.                                                                                        

The Gantt chart is interactive making it possible, for example, to shift dates or lock and unlock orders.

You can see the planned utilization of each resource and resource group against the time period (capacity per hour, day, week, or month) which you specify. An array of simple formulas enables you to adjust the graphic display so that, for example, the chart highlights load levels that are either too low or at 100%.  You can clearly see bottlenecks and available capacity, and immediately view the impact of corrective action.

In Asprova, orders are scheduled dynamically and synchronized with inventory changes. Any inventory changes (raw materials, WIP, finished goods) are visualized, and critical areas identified. The user can then optimize the schedule by adjusting the scheduling parameters or logic as required.

With Asprova's sort and filter functions you can quickly pull a highly-customized, focused, and filtered view from extensive amounts of data. This helps you get the information you need quickly. Tables can also be reordered using the available pivot function.

Colors, text, and markings can be personalized or customized. You can choose to show what data is important for you to see, and highlight according to whatever criteria you specify (for example, highlight red all late orders, and yellow all orders completed within three days of due date).