Inventory Management

Asprova enables you to precisely manage inventory, by simultaneously evaluating all criteria and data that is relevant for planning, including inventory levels and targets, future and planned POs, and order promise dates.

  • Asprova considers the BOM of each item, and considers material requirements at each process step.
  • Stock levels of all materials are synchronized with the ERP system.
  • Concurrent inventory stock levels are considered for production at all times.
  • Additionally, purchase plan and material reception dates are taken into account.
  • Material planning is completely synchronous to the (finite-capacity) planning process.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Using finite-capacity planning synchronized with dynamic inventory levels, Asprova produces highly accurate material requirement plans for all products in your factory, including both semi-finished and finished goods.

  • Asprova generates item codes for WIP, and tracks the accumulation of WIP inventory, synchronizing the schedule according to buildup of this inventory as well as other machine constraints.
  • For every semi-finished product code, an optimal resource and optimal production start and end time are assigned. Process synchronization is the aim of using Asprova, and WIP is minimized by optimizing the sequence of orders and assigned resources.
  • Superfluous product waiting times are furthermore minimized.