Professional Approach to Choosing an APS System

Before making a decision for a planning tool it is essential to precisely map, analyze, and document all that is demanded of it. This is a time-consuming procedure that requires a lot of experience.

Our US company offers a complete 360° solution:

  • An Initial On-Site Visit which includes:
    • Factory tour and assessment
    • Live Asprova demonstration
  • A Detailed Follow-Up Analysis which includes:
    • Data analysis of the scheduling process
    • Discussion and evaluation of problems
    • Reviewing production processes and restrictions
    • Studying item specifications, order specifications, resource capacities, and special features
    • Analyzing current planning methods and standards
    • Recording planning restrictions
    • Information and data flow analysis
    • Defining goals and objectives
    • Creating an APS specification sheet

During a follow-up workshop, we present our findings and propose a solution concept, together with an Asprova prototype. Additionally, we provide an APS specification sheet that you may use for comparative evaluation of and between other APS providers.

Because the production scheduling lies at the core of every manufacturing company, it largely determines overall factory efficiency. Therefore, the selection process for an APS system is of critical importance.