KPI - Key Performance Indicators

Monitoring and Evaluating the Schedule Based on KPI

Every time Asprova generates a new schedule, it automatically evaluates the schedule and generates a set of KPIs that can be used to evaluate the result and compare the outcomes of different scenarios side-by-side. Asprova provides many KPIs, including the following: 

  • Delivery reliability
  • Lead times
  • Inventory fluctuations
  • Resource productivity 
  • Waiting times 
  • Transportation times
  • Setup times
  • many others, and even set custom KPIs

The overall quality of the project can be judged according to financial KPI. Individual orders, resources, and items have their own financial data, which, among other relevant specifications, are used by Asprova to identify methods of improving the schedule, including:

  • lot splitting
  • lot size reduction
  • capacity adjustments
  • changing manufacturing processes

KPIs show where improving one process is going to have a positive impact on total efficiency, for example, when changing one setup process can impact the entire schedule.
You can rely on KPIs to help you find targets for efficiency improvements.